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Globalization is for everyone and Xegara Real Use Case Token is including All

Who We Are:

Krypto Fintech UAB, specialized into corporate advise, crisis management, management restructuring, consulting in various sectors (industries, finance, crypto blockchain, governments, etc.), brand management, concepts and realization of special tasks. All activities under regulations.

Krypto Fintech UAB analysing the inner values, which are determining for the existance of Xegara Real Use Case Token.

What we do:

Xegara is including underbanked and unbanked
Xegara Token is deflationary with clear future values
Xegara Token is non-speculative
Xegara Token is licensed
Xegara Exchange is licensed
Xegara Token is empowering people globally
Xegara Token is enabling companies globalization
Xegara Token is engineered for everyone
Xegara Token accelerates the transition from FIAT to crypto adoption


The Future
of Money

The history of means of payment is as old as humanity itself. From barter to shells to FIAT and the today's Crypto Coins.

In the last hundreds of years, many payment forms have proven themselves and others have disappeared again, intentionally or unintentionally.

The challenge of the present time and the future is greater than ever before. Central banks have failed to adapt to the 3rd millennium, and continue to ride on their tracks as usual with their very selfish and political goals, which are far from the topic of globalization in international trade and services.

Egoistic, politicized and instrumentalized, at the expense of world trade, populations, further development, education and researches.

We at Krypto Fintech Group has set ourselves the goal of countering this in order to simplify trading and services internationally.

The innumerable currencies – some extremely volatile, others very instrumentalized – do not facilitate the opening of globalization; especially not in Africa, Asia, South America, but also not for Europe, America and Australia in intertrade.

Krypto Fintech Group's goal is to bring our reasonable cryptocurrency to the market, which allows both the traders, the service providers but also the investors to make direct trading and direct investments with macro companies, micro companies and service providers, without risk of FIAT currency exchange.

Krypto Fintech Group Management has always been a think tank and successfully aimed to always be a few steps ahead of the future in various industries, so that the real future remains the future and is not already a thing of the past as with others before they even begin.

Welcome to Krypto Fintech Group


Our Vision
is Your Vision

Krypto Fintech Group connects the World, means connecting the World’s people and communities.

The desire to invest without borders, to trade and sell products without borders and to offer services without borders exists worldwide. It is your desire!

Your vision is our task

Nothing stands in the way of implementation.
We look forward to making your vision our task.

Krypto Fintech Group Vision is a universal vision that will offer the right solution to the demands of the coming decades.

A universal solution with our Krypto Fintech Group Coin to enable progress; for everyone.

Krypto Fintech Coin will open up access to capital for micro-entrepreneurs worldwide, and international investors open the doors to products and services that were previously closed for a variety of reasons.

Globalization means:

Enable everyone to participate in it!

The sooner, the better.

When business people and investors talk about future measures, this is already a thing of the past; time progresses faster than their talks.

Krypto Fintech Group is ahead of the future:
Your Future

Get involved and take part in shaping your future - is our common future.




Our Mission is to serve you

How to include

How to include people and companies without bank accounts, and animate them to acquire the Xegara Real Use Case Token?

It's easy to buy small amounts of bitcoin and other traded cryptocurrencies with cash.
It's private, since no personal information is required in most cases, especially if trading in person or at an ATM with no verification.

Buying cryptocurrencies with cash is also fast, as there is no verification to slow down the process.
Buying cryptocurrencies with cash isn't complicated and opens doors to the globalization.

One way you can buy cryptocurrencies with cash is peer-to-peer meaning, in finding someone locally to buy from in-person.

On the other hand there are many local money agencies who buy and sell cryptocurrencies against cash / for cash.
People can buy cryptocurrencies with a Cash Deposits at the Bank, without having a bank account.

With this method, the seller provides their bank details. The buyer then visit the relevant bank, and fill in a deposit form. Sellers may specify a particular bank. Buyer then make a cash deposit to the seller's account via the bank teller.

Further other options are purchase / sales via the mobile phone.

Therefore the Xegara Real Use Case Token will be extremely useful to the populations and companies of the emerging countries, but also to all the others.


Krypto Fintech UAB

Vilnius, Lithuania
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